Soil Sampling Solutions

Soil Sampling Solutions (QLD, NSW & VIC)

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Soil Sampling Services 

Our soil sampling services are designed to deliver dependable and actionable information about soil conditions. Whether you are in need of basic soil sampling or a comprehensive
soil profiling assessment, our experienced team and cutting-edge equipment are ready to meet your requirements. We take pride in being a trusted partner in agricultural and environmental projects across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Providing sample collection for a variety
of properties such as carbon content,
soil characteristics, nutrient levels and composition, we can tailor sample collection to your requirements.

We utilise digital tools to speed up the process of collecting soil samples from designated locations, ensuring that the collected samples are representative of the area of interest for accurate analysis. We accommodate specific lab requirements, supporting both continuous cores or segmented cores to work with analysis procedures.

We possess a diverse fleet of drill rigs, including tractor-mounted and custom- mounted rigs. This range of equipment enables us to access various terrains and locations, ensuring that we can collect samples from even the most challenging sites.

Maintaining the integrity and traceability
of soil samples is paramount. Our team is experienced in maintaining a strict chain of custody, ensuring that sample data is accurate and reliable for reporting and analysis.

New Soil offers the following soil sampling services on client sites:

Soil Sampling for Carbon and Nutrient Sampling (to 1m)

Soil Profiling

Continuous or Segmented Cores as Required

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