Contamination Remediation Services

Soil Contamination Remediation Services

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New Soil specialises in treating contaminated soil and reintroducing it to the natural environment

Our goal is to maximise contaminated soil’s potential for beneficial reuse. Using scientifically–backed biological, physical and chemical processes, we transform contaminated soils into reusable soil materials, saving landfill space and disposal costs, while restoring the natural environment and helping you meet your sustainability targets.

Wherever possible, we apply sustainable green chemistry techniques that maintain soil function, including the microbial biome which, are low in energy inputs and mitigate scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

As part of its commitment to protecting the environment for future generations, New Soil does not use thermal desorption or other burning or heating technologies, which emit high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destroy soil functions.

Key Soil Contamination Remediation Services: 

Biological Remediation

off–site and client site

Dynamic Biopiling

Physical Remediation

client site only

Cement stabilisation
Activated carbon
Bonded Asbestos removal

Chemical Remediation

client site only

Chemical neutralisation: PASS & ASS  
Chemical immobilisation
Chemical reduction
Chemical oxidation


Off–site Bioremediation at our Soil Treatment Facility in Cootamundra, NSW

Through our fully–licensed soil treatment facility, we offer a cost–effective alternative to landfill disposal for contaminated soils and hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel, coal tar and waste oil, among others.

Our Soil Treatment Facility in Cootamundra was designed specifically to address the needs of clients with smaller sites or tight schedules, who lack the space and/or time to allow for on–site bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination. Following treatment, all soils are validated to meet NSW EPA requirements and then reused to rehabilitate local and regional former quarry sites.

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