Biological Remediation Services

Biological Remediation Services

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Removing contamination by enhancing soil microbial activity

Unlike destructive contaminant treatment technologies such as thermal incineration, which, whilst destroying the contaminants, also destroys all microbial life in the soil, New Soil’s Dynamic Biopiles remove contamination by enhancing soil microbial activity.

Soil microbial activity is amplified to break down contaminants efficiently while retaining soil function and with a significant reduction in carbon footprint. The process results in a much more environmentally friendly treated and validated engineered product that meets human health guidelines and is safe to be used in parks or infrastructure projects.


How our off–site bioremediation process works 

New Soil uses bacteria already present in the contaminated soils to break down hydrocarbons (i.e. petrol, diesel, oils, tars, etc.). This is a patented process that enhances the environment for naturally occurring bacteria, which increases their numbers in order to reduce contaminant concentrations. By degrading contaminated soils to acceptable levels through this process, soils can be effectively cleaned and reused as engineering fill and in some cases landscape soil.

The soil produced by this process contains nutrients and can thus be easily cultivated, in contrast to the destructive process of soil incineration.


Off–site Bioremediation at our Soil Treatment Facility in Cootamundra, NSW

Through our fully–licensed soil treatment facility, we offer a cost–effective alternative to landfill disposal for contaminated soils and hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel, coal tar and waste oil, among others.

Our Soil Treatment Facility in Cootamundra was designed specifically to address the needs of clients with smaller sites or tight schedules, who lack the space and/or time to allow for on–site bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination. Following treatment, all soils are validated to meet NSW EPA requirements and then reused to rehabilitate local and regional former quarry sites.


Client Site Bioremediation

To achieve sustainable remediation of hydrocarbon–impacted soils on a client’s site, the New Soil team applies the same patented bioremediation process we use at our off–site facility whenever possible. The key factors here are time and space.

Depending on the contaminants present, contamination treatment typically takes between 3 and 12 months. The Dynamic Biopile process can be performed on–site if the client’s project timeline allows for such timeframes, and as long as there is sufficient space for stockpiling the treated soils.

There are several advantages to client site treatment:


Removal of haulage fees and limitations


Potential for on–site reuse of soils once treated


Significant reduction in overall treatment costs

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