Leadership Team

Philip Mulvey

Founder & Soil Scientist

Phil is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur, and has always been a free thinker.

He has built army bases in East Timor, supervised the erection of the largest tent in the UK, sold Aussie meat pies in the USA, cleaned up two uranium mines, developed townhouses on landfills, rewritten the manual on palm oil development in PASS in Sumatra, evaluated rehabilitation of the desert in Kuwait, participated in the first green city design in the world, evaluated degraded land in Monaro and has represented Australia in sailing.

Phil is a specialist in soil and water chemistry, with over 25 years experience in soil sciences, hydrogeology, water resource assessment, contamination studies, geological mapping and aquifer modelling.

James Barwood

New Soil General Manager

James has been an Environmental Engineer for 12 years with a few breaks for global travel. His environmental experience has predominately focused on the investigation, remediation design and remediation of gasworks, including the large Leicester and Bilston Gasworks in the UK. Both projects James was on site as both the Site Engineer and environmental consultant.

Adam Gammon

Operations Manager

Adam has over 12 years experience in site management and machinery operation, including remediation projects, demolition works, grain storage and logistics, Rail protection, quarry operations, contaminated soil treatment and civil earth works.

He has set up and managed multiple operational facilities across NSW and is highly experienced in the design of new sites including construction sites to create clear and safe work zones as well as administrative areas.

He has had to manage many sites with difficulties including confined access requirements, working around and below heritage infrastructure, operating within tents or structures, and remediating hazardous and obnoxious substances. He has diverse experience in dealing with asbestos.


Our commitment to safety guides our work

To ensure the safety of our workers and the environment, New Soil strives to raise standards not only for client projects, but in all we do.

As a result of a detailed formal review of our systems, processes and sites audits, we maintain ISO Certification of our tailored Information Management System (IMS) to ISO45001-2018 OHS Management Systems, ISO14001-2016 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO9001-2016 Quality Management Systems.

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